May 25, 2022

Introducing Event Sharing

Sharing events with others tends to be a pain. You often need everyone's email addresses to send them invites, or people are asked to sign up to new services just to view event details and RSVP.

Daybridge Event Sharing, which does away with email addresses, and mandatory data collection - tries to make this easier.

To start, click 'share' on any event you've created in Daybridge. This will create a unique link that you can share with others (ideal for group chats and DMs). A preview of the event will show inline.

Daybridge event in WhatsApp

Following the link will take you to the event's details, where you can see what's happening, when, and where.

You can say if you plan to go or not just by entering a name of your choice, no sign up required. You can even come back and change your answer later (from the same device and browser).

Daybridge shared event page

If you already have Daybridge, your name and avatar will be used automatically when you reply, and the event will be added to your default calendar. People's responses will be shown on the event within Daybridge.

Daybridge item details

In future updates, you'll be able respond to repeating events all in one go, add events to other calendar apps (if you don't use Daybridge), and sign up directly for Daybridge from an event invite.

Give it a go, and let us know what you think in the Community Slack or on Twitter!