October 29, 2021

Development Update: Creating and Editing Entries

We hope everybody has had a great week! Here's what we got up to...

We invited 500 new testers

This week we welcomed 500 new testers to our app. We've been chatting to them on our Community Slack to get their feedback, and to fix issues as they crop up.

Some of the main issues people have told us about are...

  • People want to be able to sign in with more providers, not just Twitter.
  • It's a pain not being able to edit things after they've been added (see the section below!)
  • Connected Calendars are cool, but bidirectional read-write can't come soon enough!
  • It would be nice to customise how compact the calendar grid is.
  • The way conflicting and overlapping entries are displayed could be improved to make more efficient use of the space.

We've scheduled time to look at all of these issues, starting with entry creation and editing...

We're iterating on our entry creation and editing flow

We're refreshing our entry creation flow to make it more intuitive, clear, and scalable. This means we can add more options without things getting overwhelming.

We're also adding the ability to edit things after they've been created.

Here's a sneak peek of the design!

Daybridge creation flow

Have a great weekend!