August 2, 2022

Announcing: Daybridge Public Beta

After a year of building, testing, and iterating - we're so happy to share that Daybridge is moving to Public Beta! Starting today, everyone will be able to sign up for an account. There's no more waiting list, and you won't need an invite code.

We're moving to Public Beta because it's really important to us that we're building something people love and use every day. It's always a little bit scary to put your work out into the world. But Daybridge can't grow in the dark. If we're going to build something awesome, we need as much feedback as we can get. And that's where you come in.

Daybridge Public Beta

What we're building...

Calendars are complicated. They're built around our work lives, and increasingly, they're designed to help us squeeze more into each day. We think there's so much more to life than meetings. So we're building something different.

We're starting by building a deeply personal, beautiful, cross-platform calendar app. In the future, we want Daybridge to be the way the internet makes plans together. Meeting with friends and family should be as easy as dropping a link in the group chat. Planning trips should be fun and collaborative. And it should be easy to stay in sync with your partner or housemates. We think the calendar is the perfect conduit to help us solve these problems.

Now available

We're just getting started on our journey. So far, we've spent most of our time building out the foundations for a great calendar. We've also been exploring some new ideas. Here are some of the things we've built so far...

  • Create colourful, categorised events in seconds. Start typing, and choose from suggested titles, icons, and categories. Making it easier to understand your plans at a glance
  • Create beautiful event pages for your events. Anyone can RSVP from the event page, even if they don't have Daybridge yet.
  • Mute work, with a press of a button. See when you have work events, without getting overwhelmed with the finer details. Use layout shortcuts to quickly jump between planning, focusing, and relaxing.
  • View your calendars in one place. Connect your Google accounts to view and update all your calendars in one place.

Coming next

With your feedback, we're going to keep improving Daybridge. Here are some upcoming features we have in the pipeline…

  • Connect to other calendar services, like Outlook and iCloud.
  • Block out windows of time without crowding out important events, perfect for personal reminders.
  • See when other people are free, and plan events without awkward surveys.
  • Create shared spaces with friends and family, perfect for home and trips abroad.
  • Keep track of personal reminders and todos, and easily plan time to get things done.
  • More ways to view your plans. View your weeks and months at a glance.
  • Smarter event suggestions, and better shortcuts.

Want to see what else we have lined up? Check out our public roadmap!

Final thoughts

This is a huge milestone for us. I'd like to say thank you to the whole Daybridge team for their hard work, and to all of our testers for their support and feedback. We're so excited to start rolling out our product around the world. Try it out, and let us know what you think! Sign up for Daybridge at, or download the iOS and Android apps.